Blackhawk Cinema

The Basics
FAA authorization is now required to fly any unmanned aircraft for commercial use.  There are two types of FAA exemptions that are given relative to the film industry.  The standard exemption covers a very basic ability to for operators to fly legally although it is very restrictive.  The second type encompasses the standard exemption but also allows for operators to work on closed sets, specifically for feature films and television productions.

What does closed set approval allow?
Does your production require the aircraft to be closer than 500ft from any actor or crew member?  If so then closed set approval is required.  Our experience and safety record, along with procedures and FAA approved standards afford us the ability to get shots that just aren’t normally possible.

The FAA required paperwork (POA and NOTAMs) will be handled by us prior to the shoot day. To complete we will need the dates and locations of where we will be flying as well as an idea of what type of shots are requested. We also encourage having one of our experienced pilots involved in the planning and location scout where we can get a better understanding of what type of moves will be expected and spot any issues before the day of filming.
Contact us early on and let us help you during the production process.